Medal of Honor: WARFIGHTER – Review

Medal of Honor: WARFIGHTER – At the EB Games Expo, Sydney.

I was sent in to play this game along with 7 other individuals sitting all in one row. As we all put on our headphones together, the scenario was capture the flag – 4 vs 4.

Firstly, this was one of the first times playing with this kind of headset and it was remarkable! Usually, my choice is with earphones. Just hearing every footstep in the game was so precise and adds that extra realistic feel to the game. Sorry if I am late to the game but I will definitely consider investing in this!

Now, I am a huge fan of Battlefield 3 so please bare with me if I sound a tad bit disappointed…

The game was enjoyable and almost felt like Battlefield 3 however, the graphics was a bit off and felt like I was playing a gimmick. It probably just takes a little time to get used to but I always thought first impressions count and I know it is from the same developers and all but I feel like the game needs to be completely different from BF3 and not similar don’t you think? Just my opinion…

Jumping over walls, and the way how you grab the flag is pretty cool. You literally see the flag on the persons back. Very realistic indeed! Also, the animation at the end of each round is nice to look at.

To conclude, the game needs to be worked on a little bit just so that it gives me a reason to buy the game. Right now, I see Battlefield 3 as my game…

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