Thought process…

It’s incredible when friends have your back. They were once strangers but then they become a big role in your life. I’ve spent a huge mass of time lately and met quite a few new individuals allowing me to learn more about other areas of perceptions. We all have different trains of thoughts. This is what makes everyone unique and that’s what makes it vital when one needs advice. Hearing one opinion isn’t always the best one… Because they have their own way of thinking. You need to gather several before finalising your own. You can of course make your own however, it could be very difficult. This is where I believe music comes in as a huge role in life. These artists are somewhat going in the same spiral and therefore, allows them to write amazing lyrics for others to hear them out. I wish I could write lyrics but finding the right wording and rhymes is not the way I was built so I’ll leave it to the experts. Don’t go through your life alone because you are not alone. You have others but it’s up to you whether you would like to discard them or keep them. Keeping in touch with people can be hard but make the effort.

Productivity has been really slow lately. I haven’t done much programming in a while. I’ve been either too busy or lazy. I guess you could say this week is another week of rest and I guess I need it… Probably tonight I will just fire up one of my consoles, put my feet up and play some games. It’s been a while since I’ve done that. Mind you, my last gaming moment was on Sunday. Generally, it is really hard to motivate yourself when you have a full time job.

So I’ve begun writing out a story as a new project. This is obviously just a mini project to see where I go with it. It is pretty much slow progress but all I do is type it out in the mornings which is why my blog posts are being released slower than usual… The story is very much in its beginning stage and it is my first time ever writing something like this. I am definitely not a writer but I’ve always wanted to type out a story and let others read it. It rather brings a projection of myself. Writing and throwing a character into a random situation teaches us new perceptions in ways we can solve them.

Believing is very hard. Us people are so impatient. Have patience… Things will turn out right…

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