My week so far…

Its been a while since I wrote a blog post… I had a few things I needed to sort out but I think things will start to calm down from here. Things have been hectic. I didn’t even have time to even play games or develop stuff. Its almost embarrassing just to write this post since productivity has been at its minimum… But one way or another, I must write so here we go… 

So I just received my new LG Nexus 4 and I must admit, it does the job very well. The screen size is great, the device looks solid and the interface is user friendly. However, there are very minor changes if I had the chance to change it. Me being an iPhone user before transferring to an Android OS was somewhat frustrating to me. Some features that I was used to on the iPhone like tapping the top of the screen to get to the top of the screen or the way I always accidentally hit the home button when I am typing on the virtual keyboard. With the many complaints I see, some of them do resolve themselves as I continue to use the device so eventually, the small things will disappear but still leaving my iPhone on standby if I find a major disappointment… This was also one of the reasons why my blog has been on pause for a while… Usually I type my post on the iPhone but now I transferred, the system I was once used to was broken and needed to repair it. But now seeing I am beginning to get used to the phone, I can start firing out posts… 

Project planning has begun to initiate recently although development has been terrible lately. Just writing ideas on a bit of paper just makes me realise how much I rely on computers and mobile devices. I think its about time I pull out my notepad more and use devices less. So with several projects in motion, if procrastination is going to occur, resulting into planning doesn’t sound so bad. I’ve written a methodology in regards to a back end script for the website project. Progression seems to be happening in terms of front-end since my brother just keeps giving. This week, I will definitely have some solid showing. Just need to write a document for him. My mini games have been on super slow as it has been all about going out lately, but it will probably calm down from here. Projects are on priority now. 

Monday morning has started and it started with a morning I was familiar with; motivation to code! I walked out my house feeling once again, proud of myself. Although the code was little, it felt as though things are looking up. But seeing as badminton is happening tonight, my evening will be a relaxing one.
Speaking of relaxing, so on Saturday, I went out to Game on a random day and found that Crysis 3 was released! Seeing that although I had hesitation about the price, I ended purchasing it but ended up playing it on a Sunday. This game was everything I ever expected but only with the gorgeous graphics and of course, the crossbow! With the “Cloak engaged” and the crossbow equipped, it absolutely accomplishes immersive gameplay! Just the way how you also can lock on to the cel operatives just initiates tactical advantage! Although I only played an hour of it, I definitely will play more tonight… Rating out of 10? I’d give it a good 9!
Just to summarise, I think things have been too crazy lately that now, I need to take a step back. I have a vision but I just need to pursue it… Procrastinating is fine but too much of it can end up being a routine… Just having a think through what needs to be done. There are many things on my list but all I need to be is motivated. This morning was a good start. Can I keep the ball rolling? Only time will tell….

Phone comparison

So there was a conversation with a friend of mine from work who wanted a direct comparison of phones with my opinion embedded it. So with that being said, here we go:

The phones I will be comparing will be Samsung S3, LG Nexus 4 and iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S3 LG Nexus 4 Apple iPhone 5
Display 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.8 inches 768 x 1280 pixels, 4.7 inches 640 x 1136 pixels, 4.0 inches
Processor Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait Dual-core 1.2 GHz
Primary Camera 8 Megapixel, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash 8 Megapixel, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Secondary Camera Yes, 1.9 Megapixel Yes, 1.3 Megapixel Yes, 1.2 Megapixel
Internal Storage 16/32/64 GB storage 8/16 GB storage 16/32/64 GB storage
Card slot Yes, microSD, up to 64GB No No
Network 3G and 4G ready 3G ready 3G and 4G ready
Browser HTML, Adobe Flash HTML5 HTML (Safari)
Earphones included Yes No Yes
Price £409 (Carphone Warehouse) £279 (Google Play) £509 (Carphone Warehouse)
Taken from

From the analysis of the table and personally using the Samsung Galaxy 3 and Apple iPhone 5, they almost have similar features towards one another but the biggest difference here is mainly the interface.
So lets start off with Samsung. Their phone has a higher quality secondary camera holding 1.9 megapixels so it would be great for those who like to webcam or video call with their friends / family. It also has the capability of browsing the web with its full performance as a PC as you are able to see Flash content as it has always been a problem before. In addition, it holds an expandable memory slot for a user to have the option to slot in another 64GB for extra data if needed.
The LG Nexus 4 is the mid-range between the two phones. In other words, the phone sits literally middle but with the one major difference. The price… It is one powerful phone with an extraordinary price Google has to offer. One thing that may drag down the device is the fact that it does not support the newly developed 4G network. However, since it has been recently introduced, there isn’t much you’re missing out upon. But depends upon a persons preference.
And finally, the iPhone 5. With the sleek design that I am still amazed at, it surprisingly holds less features. With the dual-core 1.2GHz speed and the 1.2 megapixel secondary camera, the price does not add up.
Like I said, it all depends on the operating system that each phone holds. The iOS installed on the iPhone has always been smooth and the customisation is limited but liveable. Android has been a competitor for a while and as read a while back, Android is taking the lead, their apps are increasing and also their customisation is very much its beauty of it. To top it all off, there are a wide range of phones to choose from.
So all in all, from the looks of everything, I am happy with purchasing the LG Nexus 4 as it is very cheap and it does precisely what a phone is supposed to do.
What is your choice?

Valentines day…?

So tomorrow is the lover fest. Flowers, roses, cards all being dished out… I remember this event once. This event was exciting to me at one point in time but now just another day. Why was this day even made anyway? Shouldn’t love be expressed anyway instead of just creating that one specific day? It makes people not bother until this one day to make effort to that one person. May as well make one specific day where you donate money to someone who really needs it… Kind of pushes people to make effort right? Or maybe one day to do one good deed. Maybe I bring frustration to this day because I don’t really see this day as a vital one anymore however, I’ve always had this view but never complained about it. So what will I be doing? Well, as geeky as this sounds, I was invited by Kirsty to attend the Crysis 3 event at Waterloo, IMAX which is so exciting to me! Who’s with me? *tumbleweed*…

Moving on, Lyndsey arrived back at London again. Since she’s been gone, I’ve been at home power watching Breaking Bad through the weekend. Yes I realise I am VERY LATE to the game but the series is very cool but bad thing is that I have slowed down my production towards my projects! Motivation has moved to just watch this series! Absolutely hooked! But when I needed a break, I skyped Lyndsey. There are some things I enjoy when talking over Skype with Lyndsey. She’s always laughing and smiling. Always talking as well. Sometimes, she is just hilarious. When Steps comes on, she’s a whole new party animal! Love it! But on a serious note, we have been hanging out a lot recently. It’s nice to just sit and talk with her! I feel like we have a good connection together. Whether its through Skype or in person, it’s like I can rely on her to make me smile. She always does! When I am away from her, it feels like I need to talk with her just to check-in… I can’t quite explain this feeling. In fact, most people think we’re dating which makes it fairly strange. But I’ve come to a realisation that although I spend heaps of time with this one person, it’s just great to know that she can just come out and comfort me however I am feeling. So as confused I am, I am fine with where I stand…

And in the sports, badminton has been great. The colleagues and I have kept up to speed with the schedule but this time, we finally had a fourth player (took long enough). So we had our first ever doubles game. It was lively and fun. It was nice to play and have no seriousness on the court. The game had trash talk before, during and after the game! But I think we all walked out rather satisfied with ourselves… We even spoke about creating a tournament now that we have a team of four. Department vs department. This is the beginning of something EPIC!

So in technology news, I may have decided what tablet I am going to get. It’s the Microsoft Surface Pro. As written in my last article in regards to my tablet dilemma, the devices are more or less the same specification. Also, I was told not long ago that the Nexus 4 is finally in stock again but I have not reacted upon it just yet. My thoughts may finalise towards the end of this week.

So to end this post, I just want to summarise. Having a friend to always be there for me, understanding what I’m going through, spending a load of time together means that simply we enjoy each others company. We may have separate issues in our lives but when we are together, the world stops and the issues don’t matter for those few hours. Having that power, every precious moment counts because if you cannot find a moment to stop time, you should hang onto it and appreciate them…
Sporting will be continued in this format. Scheduling whatever day, but will be an every week event to improve stamina and keep fit.
Overall, although my projects are on hold, my thoughts are in the positive…

The simple things in life…

The weekend ended with a weekend to remember…

Starting with meeting Lyndsey on Friday, to Saturday… And then Sunday! Although we meet a lot, it’s been a while since we’ve met this much. The smiles, the laughter, the fact that we just ignore the current situations happening around us… I must say, it was crazy. So from that note, I’d like to say thanks for that. So what happened? We ate, we spoke a lot, a lot of walking happened (my weekend exercise), and the random jokes… What can I say? It’s easy to forget all my problems when spending these random moments with a good friend. Realising this, it’s just important for someone you can trust to have your back in case you fall. I can have so many problems in this world but to know that there is a person to talk to is vital! Keeping it bottled up can be a problem. But that’s just me talking… I cannot speak for the majority of the world.

For Sunday evening, I went to the Thriller performance at Lyric Theatre. This was a great experience. I loved the songs and bought me back many years of music. Made me want to get the Michael Jackson album all over again! All in all, great performance and I don’t mind watching that again.

So during my weekend, I had a Skype call with John in regards to our little project and a little of our side tracked conversations as well. We covered a few topics. I have some server side development to handle so I will have to get round to that at some point and put my mini game on hold. It’s hard to keep up with my projects but I guess all I need is to prioritise myself…

I finally got round to look at my bank statements and it is an absolute mess. I guess the last time I really analysed it was like 7 or 8 months. It came as a shocker that my past caught up to me but denying it was a bad move as that has been my action towards this situation. I think it is about time I stand my ground. As messy as my life is, I cannot cling to something where its just a lost cause. I cannot complicate it. I suppose my one biggest weakness is prioritising! I need to sort out a lot but there will be a point where I can sit down and be satisfied with where my finance stands…

So this week, I had the chance to meet up with Kirsty… It is always lovely to see her… Just sharing passions, remembering why I chose to create games as a career in the first place… We both have so much in common. We had so much to talk about and it makes me forget some key areas that overtake my mind… So thanks for that Kirsty…

Besides that, it has been hectic busy but very productive!

Tablet dilemma!

I’ve been on the look out for tablets. Jumping from website to website, shop to shop… Finding the one thing that could possibly upgrade my productivity. There are many tablets on the market but I have come down to two potential tablets. So I have looked at both specifications looking at roughly the same price ranges to keep it fair. Here is what I got:
Sony Duo 11 Slider Black Microsoft Surface
Processor Intel® CoreTM i5-3317U, 1.7GHz 3rd Gen Intel Core i5 Processor
Operating System Windows 8 Pro Windows 8 Pro
Storage 128GB SATA Flash SSD 128GB SATA Flash SSD
Memory 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3L-SDRAM 4GB RAM—Dual Channel Memory
Display 29.4cm LED 1920×1080 + webcam 10.6″ ClearType Full HD Display 1920×1080 + webcam
Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Intel® HD Graphics 4000
Stylus Digitizer Stylus (pen)included Pen input and pen (included with purchase)
Battery life Battery life up to 6.5 hours Estimated 5-6 hours
Price £919 $899
Release Out now U.S Release for 9th February 2013

So from looking at my comparison table I created myself, it is almost a direct match in specifications but a difference in pricing! Mind you, the Windows surface is confirmed in U.S and not in U.K so I cannot compare it but I was told it was going off for roughly £800 but that is what I heard.
My decision can be finalised upon patience. The Microsoft Surface is not out so I cannot judge it but if I am impatient, then I would get the Sony Duo 11 Slider Black despite the price difference. But truth be told, I am currently leaning more upon the Sony product!
What do you reckon?

Be true to yourself…

So motivation has been less on the blog and more upon the development of my mini games! Keeping up to date with the blog posts is difficult when finding a new mobile game to play whilst on the train! I need start posting again and so with that, lets go for it…
Friday was my day to the cinema with some friends. It’s been a while for me to be at the cinema! So we went to watch the new Arnie film ‘The Last Stand’. Thinking it was going to be a bad film, I walked out quite happy to have sat there for the whole 107 minutes. Although it was typical and despite all of Arnold’s hilarious quotes, sometimes it is nice to appreciate these typical films. I’d recommend this film to all those Arnie fans out there… 
Saturday was my good friend Lyndsey’s birthday. We tried to make the birthday a day she would not forget. And I think we may have accomplished that goal! We had a small group of people for dinner at Cabana, Brasilian restaurant which was the first time for me. The food was good however the service wasn’t something to brag about but fair. We also got her a cake as well with the staff singing happy birthday to her. She seemed satisfied with the name ‘Miss Bubbles’ written on the cake so all good! After this, we went to the club. This was a crazy night. I had drinks downed in my system and got drunk too soon! Talking so much shit to everyone, it’s surprising they still stand around to listen to it! Weird… Did my dancing…. Generally, it was a good night. At the end of it, I could barely remember what happened or what I spoke of… 
Sunday was just a whole load of sleeping but had the energy to go out for a game of badminton. Although I lost big time, I finally realised my way of playing. So with my next game, I’ll have to try it out. This sport is a stress reliever. Performing exercise and playing the one thing that I haven’t played since I was secondary school or college is finally catching up to my present. I feel a little healthier now that I am doing something active. Just makes me want to do a bit more. The guys at work and I set out to buy table tennis rackets so we are ready to add this to the list as well! We’re on a roll!
Gaming has been at its minimum but the mini games development have been on its maximum! Coding small chunks in the morning or the weekend is enough. So long there has been some sense of achievement is fine by me. Fitting only 30 minutes in the morning before work or just a few hours upon one of the days in the weekend is certainly a break through. Developing just makes me have a peace of mind where I think to myself that maybe I am not wasting my days. It’s 2013, and like I’ve said, it’s time to make a change. My routine has now become a little randomised… Which is good!
Being true to myself is important. If I am true, I need to trust myself as well as the need to ask myself if I am really following my instincts. I am following a path I believe is fun and dynamic unlike before but it comes at a price… Like they say, life is what you make it but I think the way I have changed it maybe for the worst? Being simple is good but also can be a bad thing if I don’t experience the opposites! I guess I am opening my possibilities instead of locking myself down…