At the Christmas party!

What a crazy night!

Monday night involved dinner, wine and whole load of dancing! It’s strange how the people you see everyday become a whole new person when stepping out of the environment of an office… As well as me. They all saw a whole new me that night. With a whole load of talking and laughing through dinner, and downing a few glasses of wine, my mouth just kept flapping. I could not stop even if I wanted to. Something in my gut told me “let loose” and I sure did! Giving these people the opportunity to see who I really am was all I wanted and probably needed. After dinner and downing a few wine glasses, I began to raise my voice and the tables shifted for the floor to be danced upon. Knowing me, I approached it as though there was no tomorrow. I met a few new faces and people I’ve seen in the office but never spoke to them bought me to put my arm around them and just jump to the beat. At one point, I even ran into people who didn’t even work with us and telling them to dance as well! Running around like a mad man, I bumped into the bar with others about to take shots as well; one of them ended up in my face, I took it, downed it, then ran off again. I also remember knocking some guys glass to the floor forcing me to get another one for him… For this reason, the bar stopped me from ordering myself a drink. Sighs. But maybe it was for the best otherwise I would have been too wasted to remember! Jumping back to the dance floor, I ended up being lifted off the ground and thrown up in the air. People sitting down making me drag them back to the stage again. I even sat down at one point and people dragging me back on. It was a night to remember… The night ended with just a bunch of cabs!

So generally I wonder what this night was really about. Usually, I am not this lively but this time I was. It was about time I had this much fun and forget what other people think of me. We will all be judged at least once from someone. Why be fake and sit being scared of all the judgemental eyes? It’s all about living. I am still being taught the ropes in this world and I’ll never ever learn everything. I was raised learning how important image is. Well, I’ve completely changed that train of thought! I live a more exciting way now… Although it does question where this is all leading to but as I go along, it’s written in history…

So keep the world excited! You never know what comes tomorrow…

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