Kirby: Triple Deluxe – Nintendo 3DS – Review

Kirby: Triple Deluxe, the Nintendo 3DS version, is actually the first Kirby game I have tried and playing from start to finish, I can give a full review of it.


The game is developed in a 3D environment but keeping the retro feel by preserving the controls two dimensional. Considering the fact that I have only experienced Kirby controls on Super Smash Bros., the game feels the same when attacking enemies and avoiding the pits of death by inflating the pink bubblegum into the air (one problem: you can puff up Kirby infinitely so although some people will like this, I feel like the challenge decreases as you can float into the air throughout the entire stage).

The layout of the stages and the interactivity of the game really challenges you ESPECIALLY when you are trying to get all of the Sun Stones and if you fail to comply, you are forced to either die and try again or complete the stage and do it again. I am the type to see that if a stage is not complete with 100% satisfaction, I prefer to do it again.

It really keeps the player immersed with the variety of weapons Kirby can change into and the challenge of the puzzles. The game is very nicely laid out keeping the “learning as you play” formula. Also, there are some unexpected twists to the environment around every corner that surprised me.

I feel there was a lot of thought considered into this game. I do believe that the cut scenes could have been good with some voice acting and I was rather disconnected from the storyline but truthfully, the gameplay really made up for those minor disadvantages.

As a person, this game really fits my category of gaming as I enjoy my fair share of retro gaming. If I was to give a rating, it would be a good 9/10.

First glance at GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is amongst us and having grabbed my copy on the first day of release, I managed to start playing it this weekend and here are my thoughts…

I haven’t played it to its fullest just yet. I will give this a full review when I complete it but give my opinion in regards to where I am now…


The game dives straight into the action allowing players to be engaged immediately and in order to learn the controls, GTA grabs our attention with a ‘learn by doing’ approach which is very typical in the gaming era. However, it is a great way to learn the controls and is simple to get hooked. As the game proceeds, you get the entire understanding of aiming, shooting, running, hiding and getting into a car in the little 5 minute situation. The game is straight forward if you have played any GTA series before.

The game is so far a great game with all the little extra things they put in. Seeing that the last GTA game I actually played was in fact Vice City and I enjoyed that game to the very end. From seeing GTA: VC to the 5, it’s obviously a huge improvement in graphics but more importantly, the game carries several different personalities in terms of characters (especially Trevor)… The consistency has been kept as well as the controls making players feel familiar and it is definitely a game worth trying out. The part that most people do is start messing around with the police mechanics in the game just to try see how long they last for…

From this short review, I give it a 8/10 so far. Definitely beats the last few iterations of the GTA series… For me anyways…