A good day for social…

A good day for social… Less in gaming… But still played!


After work, I headed out to Piccadilly Circus to see Karjun last night to have a night out… I kind of needed this break since I’ve been coding on projects or playing games… Pressing buttons all day long may just make me go crazy!

Before I met him, I jumped into HMV, to purchase one thing but ended up buying 3 products! So what I supposed to buy was the Die Hard quadrilogy which was only £12! But as I was waiting for Karjun to come, I browsed a bit more and saw the Johnny English set… Both films for £8? Picked it up immediately! Then I shifted to the gaming section and had a look at what was available there. Turns out, John has been raving about a game called Deus Ex and it was going off for £15! I picked it up and rushed to the counter otherwise I’ll be buying the whole store! Earlier at lunch, I also went to Game to buy a mic for PS3 so that I can play Black ops 2 online with a few mates! Bought that for £12.99…

I started to wonder about in Trocadero bringing back a whole load of memories. This place had changed so much! It was years when this place was once a lively place… Full of people… Now it is always deserted…

Karj came and we started walking towards Leicester Square and coincidentally, we step into the Twilight Premiere! As usual, full of people and squirming around like worms, we couldn’t get to the restaurant we planned to go to so we settled with a Chinese restaurant in China Town… From there back to Cafe Sol in Greenwich, we spoke about our secondary school naming from friends that we knew to teachers! It’s amazing how we can talk about something that feels like almost a lifetime ago! 
Remembering barely any names of the teachers and Karjun knowing all the names, we had one drink and went back into the car and spoke more about it, we ended the night with talking about where he works. Long story short, I’m sold!! Sign me up!

Leaving his car to my house, I immediately fired up my Xbox playing you know what! Played 2 games of multiplayer of team deathmatch! Changing my guns, I managed to play twice as better than yesterday! Now I feel like I want to get home to play more! Addicted much??

Finishing these two sensational games, I see Lyndsey calling me a muppet on Skype! Geez!

Since her and I haven’t spoken in a while, I thought I may as well give her a call to see how she is. She seemed rather happy and smiling making me want to be silly to make her smile more! She’s been sad lately and I do hope she feels better… All I want is for my friends to be happy! It’s been a journey her and I have been through but with the silliness and talks we have, all we have remaining is smiles and laughter. Lets maintain this Lyndsey! 🙂

Ending this call, I jumped into bed falling asleep incredibly fast at a time of 1.30ish!


This morning, I spent a little more time overlooking and adding more to my database. Turns out, I’ve incremented an extra 2 tables so that the data storage can be healthy. So I will be adding to MySQL tonight but write it out in a notepad first…

Every time when I say that I will be developing in PHP, it turns out I find a hole in my database design. Maybe I am rushing it but I think I need to sit and plan a little longer before I can start implementing hardcore. 

My mornings are so productive! I think so clearly the code just comes to me. When I get home from work, I tend to laze about. But when it is piss easy work, I can do it in the evening. Stuff that requires thinking power, I wait until the morning as my mind is focused at that time of the day!


So to summarise, interacting again with the world is a great idea instead of always being immersed with gaming. I follow my passion but keeping a close eye on reality too so don’t get me wrong when I say I’m a gamer… I’m also a social person too… I believe so anyway… Hopefully my friends can vouch for that.

My technical log seems to be getting smaller only because I use 30 minutes of my day to get as much done as possible… It will get longer when I start developing through PHP. But like I said, I always seem to find a hole in my database design so until that is fine, I can move onto phase 2: hardcore programming!

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