Gone all out!

I just hate being that person who just sits there thinking if something is going to happen for me… I just need to take actions and do it! Why wait? Dreams can only be executed if you make it happen right?
I haven’t touched my consoles for the entire week… Maybe I am taking life a little more seriously now… Thinking a lot about money. My thoughts are completely focused on what must be done for the future. What’s my goal? Get a project live and receive some income from it… This is why I mainly have a list of projects written down on my reminders list on my Apple Mac Mini. I’ve instigated several however, they are far from complete. As for the rest, they are all either waiting for feedback or just slowly becoming obsolete but the trick is to follow up on them…
This doesn’t mean I want to remove gaming out of my life altogether as I need to be up to date with the latest releases and their functionalities to better my chances in regards to my career.
Following dreams are so important. We all have a purpose in this world and if you are doing something you don’t like, then in my opinion, you’re not living right. We have a life span. Do the thing you enjoy most and trust me, you will have an exhilarated feeling from that! It will benefit and you can end up being a person with no complaints or regrets!
As I stand on this train, I tend to wonder off into deep thoughts… My ex girlfriend, my family and friends, my job, my projects… What is really keeping me going? My projects follow some rays of hope in what I want to create.  My family and friends, they fulfil the hole I once had filled with love and care towards the one person who is still important to me… My ex girlfriend? Well, all I can say is I wait for that one phone call or text to reattach it all again… Even if it is to be friends, I will take it. Finally, my job… It wasn’t what I wanted to do but I was too money driven that I was momentarily blinded. So from reviewing all this, my philosophy was to bite my tongue and continue… What’s my philosophy today? Do precisely the opposite!! Lets put this in perspective, keeping my mouth shut personally and professionally bought me to where I am! Although this will take me time to change since I have got used to how I am currently, nonetheless, writing this blog does give me some courage to push forward!
So this philosophy is not something written in stone but it is an algorithm that I hope will be executed. 
I can see things a whole lot clearly. My mind is thinking of programming… Although it tends to forget things easily lately, so long the motivation is there, it’s not the end. I often wonder what lies ahead of me; will I succeed in a successful project or will I find the right girl… All I’ve learnt is to have patience and see… But there are days when I really want to know and probably many think the same… I have so much regrets but I can’t correct them. I just need to live through it. As obvious as that sounds, it is still so hard to let go.
Will I make it…?

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