Impact of smart phones

Smart phones huh? I can’t help but look back at what choices we had back a few years ago
Nokia 5110
I started with what they used to call a “brick” and a 4cm antenna given to me from my brother. This was once known as the Ericsson. That’s right, Ericsson was not merged with Sony at that time. This phone had a green LCD screen with up to 3 lines of text and the network provider one2one. Not heard of it? That’s because it changed to T-Mobile and now changing again to EE. But since I was a young one, I had to settle with a pay as you go sim card. At that point, text messaging wasn’t even integrated with this phone and everyone else was holding the hip phone Nokia 5110 that had the amazing feature of changing the front face! Oh and they decreased the size of the antenna to 1.5cm. But I couldn’t afford this face changing phone so what could I do because everyone was texting and I couldn’t. Then I discovered the new update that you can text but you need to go through a series of steps. Awesome right? It took about 3 days to setup involving a call to one2one and configuring some settings on my Ericsson. Finally, with a load of frustration, the phone had texting however, it was one liner! In other words, I had to type my text out on one line scanning my wording from left to right! It was painful but I had no choice since money was a huge problem.
Nokia 3310
Skipping a year or so ahead, I finally saved up £100 to grab my first ever phone! So my choices were either the Sony or the Nokia 3310 (at that time, they were the hottest phone on the pay as you go market after the Nokia 3210). This was a no brainer since I was in need of the game Snake! The game ONLY available for Nokia. The Nokia 3310 with the customisable feature of back and front faces to be changed! Whatttt!? Mind blowing change by Nokia! And not only that, the antenna within the phone!? And to top it all off, it was twice as smaller and lighter too! These were the best features ever! And to overkill, I had the ability to text on 5 lines

Nokia destroyed their competition!

Nokia 3300 (Image from
From there, I had this phone for a while only until I heard that another Nokia phone was released which had the similarities of a portable gaming device; with a d-pad on the left side of the phone, the numbers on the right and the screen in the middle. To top it all off, it was a colour screen! Now that was revolutionary! Although, the only game I really played on this device was Snake (yes, that game was still very good, the d-pad made it really easy to control).
Those years feel like a long time ago and now, the phones have gone bigger and all touch screen phones! I think we have established that size does not matter and in fact, people want even bigger (sounds so wrong)… With phones going off as cheap as £100 or less for a touch screen phone is a bargain
What do I have now? I currently hold the LG Nexus 4! Have a look at my previous blog to check the specs on it:
This phone is somewhat great but since I was an iPhone user, I cannot adjust to it just yet. I guess I am taking some time with it before I can say I “love it“. Too soon to tell.

What will be the next gen phone!?

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