My perspective for drawing – Process from start to finish…

I wanted to give my opinion about drawing. This post was a long time coming as I only started drawing over 5 years ago. That does seem like a long time ago…

On this website, I have posted different drawings in another category (You can check the drawings at this link: If I were to journey back to my first ever drawing, I feel like I have gone a very long way! Like, seriously! I started journey with no experience about drawing!

I feel so proud of myself…

From the beginning, I took this hobby to play around and never thought of even posting anything online. I ended up posting just so I can have it stored somewhere. I found that the more I drew, the more I found new ways to play around with perspectives and tools.

With the many different tools I have been through, I found a process that I have been following for the artwork I do! I am still learning but definitely has been consistent forw 2 or 3 years now.

I now use the Procreate app onan iPad Pro (2018) with an Apple Pencil.

So here is my process when I start drawing:

  • Pick up iPad
  • Pick up Apple Pencil
  • Open Procreate
  • Choose “Technical Pencil”
  • Change colour to blue
  • Start sketching the concept in my head

On a regular basis, I would just wake up and think of random scenarios then ask myself “how can I draw that?” Then I start thinking about an interesting angle… And off I go to start sketching!

Sketching the concept is my second favourite step in the process of drawing. It becomes technical and fun to figure out how to make a drawing interesting! It almost feels like I am problem solving and once the concept becomes closer to the image in my head, I feel like I just figured out a hard equation to a math problem! (Not that I am comparing it to Math!)

I spend a huge amount of time just sitting around thinking about what to draw, when I finally have a concept, I start sketching!

After when the sketch is complete, I follow the next coming steps for LINE DRAWING:

  • Change tool to Inking
  • Choose “Technical Pen”
  • Select Stabilisation > StreamLine > Amount = 75%
  • Change colour to black
  • Create a new layer
  • Start drawing over my blue lined sketch with a thick black line

This is the most relaxing step ever and probably my FAVOURITE step when drawing. There is just something very relaxing about it. When just following lines with the Apple Pencil, just something satisfying and listening to some music makes me realise that life is good and simple!

When the black lines are smooth and ready, I start the COLOURING process:

  • Start researching colours to figure out which ones I want to use
  • Add the colours to the palettes
  • Select Airbrushing > Hard Brush
  • Colour the base with a medium toned colour
  • Select size of brush
  • Start colouring the blank spaces

This one is very relaxing. I manually colour the gaps and spaces by just strokes. I never use the auto fill command; that feels boring. This process is very important to me and I like to take my time on this one. All I do is turn on very soothing music and start colouring! I can completely zone out during this time…

And finally whatever finishing touches I need to do (whether its shading, lighting or backgrounds), I just add one more layer and add those extra parts in!

As I mentioned before, this process really works for me and has been for the past couple of years. I am really curious about other peoples’ art process! Really keen to try new ways!

I hope this helps anyone that has been thinking about getting into the art field! I’m no expert AT ALL but happy to try help those who want to try…

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