Dodging from the truth?

Rants… What is it really about?

I can’t say for the majority of the world but I can say my views upon it. So last weekend, I had two conversations with two different people specifically aimed about rants. Why we do it? Maybe to just vent out how they feel particularly in a situation but what is the solution for the person hearing these rants? All the person really requires is a person to listen… Not for them to come up with a solution… Its fairly strange but it works! But it benefits both parties! On one side, they can talk out loud regarding their issue and analyse if there is a possible flaw in what is said. As for the other side, you get 2 factors… You level up in the trust reputation with this person and also learn from their experiences you hear. There is one condition… This person puts this amount of trust in you in hopes that you do not repeat it to anyone else! So all in all, it is amazing just how a person can put this level of trust in you. But you have to bare in mind that when they do, speak as little as possible… Otherwise you can offend them…
Saturday evening around 11pm, I had a meeting with my brother on Skype. I skipped last weeks meeting since it was very hectic for me. But finally we sat down and we discussed quite a few things regarding games, what we’ve been up to and obviously the Microsoft Surface. Feels like every week, we discuss the Surface… But more importantly, we discussed our project: the progress report. We added more to the task list but feels like we’re moving forward.

My Sunday was absolutely quiet. It involved being at home and getting down to a bit of work. The very small things have been ticked off the list. But I suppose the small things are better than nothing at all. Besides having those little tweaks, I’be been sitting around watching films. Seems to be my go to move nowadays…

Monday after work was a day of badminton. With all the trash talk constantly falling out of my mouth, the game was a good one. I felt an improvement somewhat than the other weeks. Maybe because there was constant rotation after each game. It seems as though every week goes by, I begin to improve my doubles skills. Relying upon the other to return was once a hard thing to do but now an easy thing. Roll on next week…

Tuesday came on with the purchase of the new Tomb Raider developed by Square Enix. With this being said, I played on Wednesday as well. This game is a very well developed game. It has a mixture of Uncharted and a hint of theLl old Tomb Raider games embedded into it. I must say I have not been addicted to a game like this since the Metal Gear Solid days. It consists of values I expected but more! The game literally makes you feel precisely how Lara Croft is experiencing. It feels like in the beginning, the game was very well thought of. But as the story moves forward, it gets even better. The game is definitely worth playing and is given a 9/10. Reason why I didn’t give it a 10 is probably because I feel like the graphics could have been better but the gameplay covers that small issue.

To sum up my feelings as a whole, it is very hard to steer. I tend to dwell upon what I thought was forgotten. I’d like to think what I’ve done to this very point, it was all for a reason. Although I don’t know that reason right now, I’ll find out sooner or later… But can I really rely on that hypothesis?

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