The power of the internet…

It’s absolutely amazing just seeing where we have evolved to! Technology has now become our main source to basically everything we want to do! Just looking back upon where I started with a 56k modem. That was crazy! Firstly, it took forever to connect to the internet with those weird sound effects. Not only that, the home telephone line needed to be free before you go connecting! Now looking back at it, it sounds completely ridiculous.

Then it comes down to what we were using with this god awful slow connections. We had chat rooms, MSN, AOL, AIM, Yahoo Messenger… That is only to name a few.
Finally, in our household, there were 3 users who were capable of using the internet at that time and we had to share it. So what did we do? We made a schedule. We were assigned an hour each! Though, with the schedule, I did other things before my time came up so it wasn’t all bad…

When the news came in that we can connect to the internet with a router and can make a connection with more than one computer, that was absolutely mind blowing! We were ALL excited to be on the internet 24/7 with no hassle or schedules coming our way! We got it and then we all stuck in our rooms and just did what we all had to do… However, when using the internet too much, it tends to get tiring and especially when there is literally nothing to do on it (minus chat rooms), it was absolutely dead. Bare in mind, Facebook and YouTube was not introduced in these times.

Now? I’m living with a 70MB Fibre Optic connection with BT with up to 4 computers connected to one router plus WiFi connections with several devices! And when the internet goes down, we tend to complain a huge amount! How spoilt are we when we were once living with such a slow connection allowing only one computer to connect to the internet per time. Don’t get me wrong because I also go complaining a huge amount! But I should really appreciate with the technology that currently exists!

One major factor is the simplicity upon creating a business online! We don’t need to go and get a loan to open up a shop and sell things for it to be a business… We can just set up a host and get a web developer to make it! All it takes is time and dedication. Truly amazing! Just comes to show that anyone can become a successful person.

So I suppose the point of this post is just appreciate what we have today! It’s amazing that we can just keep in touch with people online without having to make the effort to make constant calls to keep in touch. With social media, it’s just dead simple! Surfing the internet is so smooth. When I have a slow connection or disconnection issues, all I do is look back and think to myself saying I’ve had worse…

The internet…. Love it!

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