Megablast is now a FREE app for the iPhone!

Hello all,

It is coming to the end of the month and with that being said, our MEGABLAST iPhone app is now a FREE APP!

For those of you who haven’t heard of such a game, it is a retro/comical theme where a ship needs to shoot the balls that are coming at it. As simple as it sounds, there are asteroids and the death ball aiming to stop you from shooting these colourful spheres.

Not only this, it allows players to play up to 3 modes: Sprint, Arcade and Dodge!

The game consists of great graphics with up to 6 amazing levels. Connected to Apple’s Game Center so you can compete with others from around the world as well as receive achievements.

I’ve played this game so many times since I tested this game and let me say it is difficult to grasp at first but once you get used to it, it slowly becomes very addictive.

Thanks for reading and give it a try. Here is the link:

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