Stylish Sprint (iPhone App)

I was on the train with my iPhone and I bought a game called “Stylish Sprint” a while ago for 69p and thought I’d share my views about it.

This game is like “Dino Rush” but a better version! It is a 3D stick man where he runs through certain stages encountering many obstacles by jumping, dodging, punching and flying in many of the amazing visually graphical worlds.

The tutorial was great! It was easy since they give you a couple of scenarios to get the hang of the buttons…

They offer two types of modes: DASH and CHALLENGE.

In Dash, you run through and go through a bunch of obstacles. It starts off with slow running but as you go further, the faster he begins to run. You also spot some items along the way; wings, parachute, speed up and a few others. There are also some items that will try to bring you down.
The objective is to complete the quests that are given to you so you can unlock more stages.

Challenge is a whole new approach. The first one is where you dodge a pack of mines that are coming right at you and the stick man is on a hover board and he can move 3 spaces: Left, Right or Center. Obviously if you get hit, then you blow up and it ends the challenge.
The second challenge is where the stick man needs to run around and dodge some bouncing mines that rebounds off the walls. The game keeps going until you get hit by the mine.

My view is that the game is very addictive and completely suitable when you need a quick 3 minute break or heading down the underground. Can be so addictive that you can even miss your stop.
The graphics are great and can easily say it was completely worth 69p.

If you have the money to spare, try it!

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