My Wii U Experience!

This years EB Expo in Sydney 2012 was absolutely amazing!

With the priority pass, I had the privilege of feeling like royalty! Jumping queues to avoid those 3 hour waiting times to just play a game and getting a goody bag and a playstation cap! AWESOME!

Let’s start off by giving my opinions on the long awaited, over hyped console, the Wii U.

As one of the many people who are looking forward the deployment of this amazing product, I must say it was a great bit of kit. The streaming of the game on the pad is a little blurry but the graphics on-screen is a touch better than its predecessor but this is my judgement when playing New Super Mario Bros. U so this is not my final conclusion to the console generally.

Speaking of New Super Mario Bros. U, this game is all you can expect. It brings the same concepts from all the previous games. From the demos provided, I didn’t find anything new! All I did was speed run through it all! 😀

Onto the Nintendoland, it was nice to have the pad giving the capability to swipe stars to the other screen. Aiming the pad to the screen created a cursor allowing me to see my current position of the pad. My arm did ache after several swipes but it was sensitive so it was satisfactory…

Now lets move onto the famous ZombiU. 

This game was incredible. I say incredible because of the functionality but visually, I’d say it was a disappointment. Maybe it was due to the fact of me having high expectations but it felt to me like I was playing on the Wii again.

For functionality, you get the experience with two screens; inventory on the pad and a visual of the character checking in their bag. If a zombie comes during that point, you will see them on the screen and will have to exit the inventory screen to take him down! That is realistic don’t ya think?! 🙂


As a whole, I think Nintendo have truly outdone themselves once again however, I do have my doubts and probably end up not purchasing it due to past experience. When I buy a console too early, the games are not fully developed to its full potential so I will wait until Nintendo or any other third party games sweeps me off my feet!

Other than that, if you have the money and you don’t mind which games are out, then go purchase it on the first day it releases and support Nintendo! They continuously keep impressing me with their products!

From that note, I’ll leave it there.

Next blog: Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell, and a few other games!

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