Technical log, MiLi Review and Black Ops 2 TOMORROW!


The plans for today was mainly my thoughts. I spoke to John again over Skype showing visuals of the proposed project. It looked like a very good start for a mock up. Made me think that I should start developing something as well.

Since I will be doing nothing but backend work, I will need to design the database model keeping it efficient to avoid breaking the server. 

I’ve spent this Sunday just having the design in my head and whether there are any other tables I need to add before inserting into the database using MySQL. I’ll draw out the design onto paper tonight and see if I am missing anything…

Unfortunately I could not do any work tonight since I was helping Tim do some Java. I have not touched Java programming since university but it sure felt good to type some on this environment again. Makes me feel like I should open a project on this platform… Lets see…

That was too technical huh? I will end this blog with a review and a game…

MiLi Review

This gorgeous little gadget is a practical charger. It gives the user the ability to carry around this small object so that if ever your phone runs out of battery life, you can charge it with this. It runs on a chargeable battery giving the capability to charge this thing with a USB if the battery dies!

It supports iPhone, many android phones serving the microUSB, Blackberry and many other devices!

Paying £25 is the amount that came out from my finance but great investment… 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

So the game is finally being released tomorrow! I made my order yesterday on! The game should be delivered tomorrow so I will definitely book a gaming evening and write all about it!

I’ve tried this game in Sydney, Australia at the EB Expo but only the multiplayer experience.
Although I end up dying in this game due to the tight spaces, I’m sure I’ll do better campaign mode!

Looking forward to it!! 🙂


There was so much tech, programming and game talk in this post and a expect a bit more tomorrow!

See you tomorrow! 🙂

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