Happy Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 day!!

Happy Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 day!!


I spent this morning by picking up my pen and pad to draw out my design for the database. 

Firstly, I had to think of the entities required for the project to know what tables to enter. I have 6 tables.

With the relations decided, I needed to write up the tuples in each table indicating the type of content to be stored (a data dictionary). Also, if this gets revealed, that just means I can simply link the relationships with each other but mistakes can happen during development so I call this ‘Design One’.

Since I recently switched over from Windows operating system to a Mac OSX Mount Lion, I had several issues to install the WAMP server onto this operating system so I ended up settling with XAMPP which isn’t much of a difference.
Being on this platform, I have some troubles connecting to the integrated MySQL database but thinking about it now, instead of connecting over the terminal, I can just establish the connection by just navigating to the XAMPP and double clicking on MySQL file! Lets see… I only spent 30 minutes designing and 5 minutes looking into using XAMPP so I’ll have a deeper look later or tomorrow.


Last night, I tried to start my database design but couldn’t start as I was wiped out however, I did watch Jackie Chan’s Project A. I cannot watch this film unless it is the original dubbing from the VHS video tapes!
This is because it brings me back to the first time John and I picked it up at boot sale, the times when we were not earning money, dad giving us £1 to spend so we had to use it VERY wisely. John, as usual, always picked up the Jackie Chan videos and I always looked for the randomness crap!
The best quote that we use that was bought up in Aussie was:

Coast Guard 1: ‘Take a look at that chick over there!’
Coast Guard 2: ‘She has a real crazy figure’
Coast Guard 1: ‘I’d say she’s a 30…’

Makes me laugh every time! Never fails!

This unlocks many memories for me as I have been sharing a room with my brother for many years and I do miss these moments…


Heading over to have lunch at Westfield, I bought myself the PS3 edition of COD: Black Ops 2 and hopefully when I get home, I should have received the delivered XBox version as well. The reason I’ve bought 2 is because one is simply for online purposes for friends who have PS3… But I will be playing the campaign on XBox since the controller is much better than the PS3 controller!

Lets see how this game turns out!


Again, gaming and programming but no social stuff happening.

There have just been too much happening lately and I really want to play this newly released game! I will review tomorrow but right now, all I can say is… GAME ON!

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