Did Christmas just go by? Didn’t even notice it…

Many things in this world is hard to live with… But we deal…

There seems to be so much we deal with on a day to day basis and yet, we have to deal with more smaller things? It’s strange how a human brain works. We have the choice to make it simple and just let things go but then there are others who like to just drag things on. But like I said before, people have different mind sets so there is nothing I can do but try and understand them…

My Christmas was literally a normal day… Just at home keeping busy. But the night before felt a little festive as my friends and I had a Christmas meal and just ended the night with cards and watching music videos. It was probably my first time ever spending Christmas Eve with friends and quite honestly, it was worth it. I enjoyed myself. For Boxing Day, I thought I’d make an attempt for the sales. I feel like it was a big mistake! Mind you, I made it to Oxford street at 4pm using the useless London transport! It was really bad! Eventually getting there, walking into several shops was an absolute mess! I could not shop for clothes as it was mostly on the floor; felt like I was shopping in everyone’s filth. I ended up deciding to stop by the nearest coffee shop and having a mocha. Sitting there regretting my action to be at the high street, I felt like I couldn’t go home empty handed so after 30 minutes, I got up and decided to head into HMV and turns out I bought quite a few DVDs! They were surprisingly cheap! Probably bought around 7.
Walking out of HMV, I knew it was time to head home since I’ve accomplished my one mission; not leaving empty handed. The bus was a pain in the arse! It was packed and there was traffic! As soon as I got home, I was so glad to find my bed!

In the gaming section, Battlefield 3 has been revived once again with Trish. With the amount of teamwork and effort we put in, it was something truly amazing! This is why this game beats COD: Black Ops 2, it accomplishes the art of teamwork as well as taking down large vehicles which gives the player a sense of achievement. Don’t get me wrong though since COD does give you teamwork however it does not give as much strategic actions such as reviving teammates. There is a lot of connection and time to think in the game instead of immediate action all the time. It’s definitely a big laugh when driving into walls. In all honesty, COD beats battlefield 3 only when playing multiplayer by one self as it is fast paced and no waiting around. But this is my opinion, playing battlefield 3 on my own feels quite boring. It’s great to have that company.

Looking ahead, I have not continued on about my story as it is work in progress. The whole concept of the story is very nice as it does not require a lot of thinking power. When I want to write, I just write it out. But when I am stuck, I tend to leave it for a few days before thinking of something good to write about.

Moving onto Skype, my brother John and I have come up with some moving progress with the website project. I can in fact see a vision towards the project now. As the design is beginning to look better as the discussions continue, we feel like we are very close to the building phase. There still needs to be a few design tweaks so still a way to go. There even seems to be the mobile version implemented so it is getting there.

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post but it seems like I will continue to write more in 2013. Speaking of next year, I believe that this is a vital one as it is the beginning of the first year without my ex-girlfriend. It will be a tough one as our year anniversary is about to be encountered. So Happy New Year, I hope there will be less pain but more progress! 2013 will be a BLAST!

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