Happy New Year! 2013 should be something amazing…

We made it. Another year…
A lot of speculation was being said for 2012 but nothing really went down but as we kept thinking about it, the hype died down and here we are today. If anything, 2012 was without a doubt a bad year for relationships (as mentioned before) since I’ve heard many stories about break ups from friends… As well as myself. But it’s a New Year. For those who are dwelling, it’s time to start fresh. The games have reset and the timing to improve yourself has come. Use this year as a sign. If the end of the world did not happen, then it shows we have purpose. Make that purpose happen and believe what you want to do. Regrets, doubts and fear are some of the many elements that will try stop you but it’s time to step up and give it your all. At the end of this year, I think we all want to say “I had a great 2013!” What do we have to lose?
For me? Well, it’s simple. My aim is to make friends, live a little, drink less, think less and do more, exercise, be healthy and spend less… Oh and eat more! As typical as these sound, I feel as though these areas are not yet accomplished for me and I need to explore them thoroughly.
So what did I do to celebrate the New Year? It was something quite special. Realising who have been there for me and spent time just to talk is something to cherish. So after work (yes I worked through New Years Eve),  I went down to China town for a meal. Although I was second to be at the destination, we grabbed our booked table and waited for the others. Eventually, the whole table arrived, we ate and moved to the next destination. Now this was mighty confusing. With the roads being blocked and the crazy amounts of people being on the roads for the fireworks display and public transport being on a halt, it was absolutely horrendous to get to the club. We walked through the blistering cold bumping into the loud crowds with beer cans. Half way through, we decided to give up and watch the fireworks. Although we did not have the best view for it, we did see the display and the initial set of fireworks was absolutely terrible. But then towards the end, the fireworks just went crazy and blowing up like mad! Overall, it was a average display. Was not the best I’ve seen but I appreciate the effort. At the end of this, we continued our journey to the nearest tube as public transport was running again. We got to the club and got through the most disorganised queue I’ve ever been in. This club was unbelievably small! The music and DJ was horrific. There were some good songs but VERY little. After the dancing and the impossibly crazy queues presented just to get a drink, we decided to leave 3 hours before the club closed. Being that time, it was good timing as tubes were quite empty and we had a pleasant train ride home. Although, I gave my mate my phone to call the minicab service and forgot to grab it back, it was a night to remember however I wouldn’t say it was the best night; we made the best we could for the night. Ending up home about 5am, I just rushed to my bed and went straight to sleep.
This was not the best way to start the new year but spending it with friends and all, we had a laugh, we drank… It was pleasant. So I’m glad we went out anyway. 
So I’ll end it with this. New year, new problems, start fresh! Happy New Year all! 

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