Instincts? You tell me if they still exist?!

The projects have finally come back to life again. With all the development back into play, I can say that I am on the road once again. Although it has been a really slow start, to just instigate it is a positive step. Producing this little project just made me miss the whole point of Object Oriented Programming. Last time I had this opportunity was just over a year ago and feels like I have much to get back into but it all comes down to remembering where I was. This is where I believe that if you leave your degree behind to do something else, you will eventually lose that skill set and end up seeing that the education you once stressed over was for nothing… So what did I learn? Don’t get too comfortable with what you have now! Keep yourself on your toes and try not to let your skills slip otherwise it really will be a waste.
I have spoken to several others in regards to projects and it seems like we are all getting back to developing our thoughts once again. It feels great! I think it maybe just this boost to the New Year! Why do us humans wait until January of EVERY YEAR to think we get a fresh start!? We could have started at the moment we realised something is slipping and yet, we just wait for that January. Strange…

It’s been a tough few days to get through for some. I just took a friend out to cheer her up. It actually ended up to be one great night. With all the laughter and talks we had, it certainly felt like old times. I really did enjoy the day and feel like I should continue to support her. We all make mistakes thinking it is right but who is to say they aren’t worth a second chance? Why do we spend so much time hating when we can just skip it and enjoy what we currently have? Life is absolutely short to be doing these childish acts…

So it seems this morning, I actually got down to some programming. I think the motivation drive has begun again… However, it was very little as I was able to squeeze 20 minutes of it in. It felt good to be back. I think it is about time to create the schedule for this year. As I have many things I want to accomplish this year, I need to somewhat fit it all in somehow.

My current thoughts lay in the section “where will I be in 5 years time”? The future is so scary. The decisions I am currently avoiding can give me a result where I can end up being! I maybe over thinking every step I am making at present but being careless can be a good answer. How do I even know if it is what I want?! We all hear stories from our elders that they regret something one day or another. It’s impossible but trusting our instincts is all it is. But what if I am doubtful about them? If I followed my instincts, I could have ended up jobless… But is that how it should have been? Be jobless for a while before finding my true inner happiness? Questions clouded over my head and I have no answers!

Who can answer my questions? Me…?

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