When is the Microsoft Surface Pro coming out!?
It has been a while since the Microsoft Surface Pro was announced but the RT version was released months ago. As I read articles all over the internet, I found that the release date was expected late January! Patiently waiting for this grand device, the date is approaching but nothing is certain and Microsofts website says nothing but “coming soon”… Keeping us up to date much? It’s not just me waiting right? My patience is on very thin ice and will break if they announce a delay! Alternatives?? Well, I looked at the Lenovo and the recently announced Razor EDGE Gaming tablet! But I am willing to give Microsoft this opportunity! Don’t let me down! One thing I love about Microsofts device mainly is for the design and simply the way how the keyboard is just integrated in a very portable way! Come on Microsoft… Do this right and you’ll be picking up a load of customers! The longer you leave it, the higher possibility of customers moving onto something else…
So enough about technology… Weather has been hectic lately! With all the snow! It has been great at times since lately we’ve had snow fights. Felt like a child again! This was with my mates from work! Snowballs went from one side of the road to the other… Some were in the middle of the road… Some were close range… One went right between my glasses and face! Surprisingly, my glasses didn’t fall off! Although I am a bent thrower, I somewhat had some decent shots so all good! But heading to work in the snow is a nightmare! TFL must up their game! We pay for a service… Improve it! I’m not one to really complain much but that travel was absolutely terrible! 
Into the gaming sector, grabbing onto my Xbox controller and playing Battlefield 3 again. Enjoying a good game with Kirsty. We finally got a game going and I must say, I missed this game so much! Synchronising teamwork, visually stunning graphics, realistic gameplay… Its weird how this game still amazes me! Kirsty and I were complimenting the game over the microphones endlessly. I laughed at random times when getting shot only because it was that good! But all in all, it was nice to pick up the controller again. Feels like I have missed it. Made me realise such things like why I got into gaming in the first place and more importantly, why I always wanted to do it as a career! Strangely, I have created distance to my initial dream and often wonder where my direction is heading… But to end the gaming section, good game and I will definitely grab the controller again some point.
Transitioning to the development sector, I finally found the cause upon the lack of motivation I’ve recently been blocked by! It was mainly the simple fact that I’ve been doing the wrong stuff! My motivation drive has been on maximum all due to making mini games! When I get home, I just end up wanting to do more instead of getting lazy. I love how things are going right now! Even in the weekend, although I only had a few hours, I managed to fit so much in that space. I am building ideas as I go along so it is all good!
From there, it’s all I am able to update where I am standing… It’s always good to read over this and see that something is progressing in a positive way!
Keep going… 

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