Motivate… And believe!

Money… The one thing that controls a persons motivation. The one source that makes a hierarchy from one individual to another. The one thing that avoids us from being equal. Being in sequence with the world and how it works. I think we all complain or think about it one day or another but will we ever do anything about it? Like people say, actions speak louder than words. Problems do not resolve unless actions are pushed. I do disagree with some of the protocols deployed for us people to follow but I can accept that I cannot do anything to change this. If there is a solution where it is guaranteed to change all this, by all means I’m game but for now, it’s safe to say I am nothing but a product and however much you would like to specify the obvious, we will be unless someone steps forward to do something about it. But hey… Just my opinion upon life and the world…

Moving on… So motivation finally kicked in this week. My mind was focused and coding happened. Creating a simple game. Feels like I am slowing grasping everything again. I need to just do things now. I am sick and tired of not seeing any content happening. Even writing my blog posts are beginning to slow down as well. But creating simple games should be what I will continue to do until an exciting project comes to mind. By then, my experience should be high enough to tackle a more complicated game! Bare in mind, I only spare a few hours in the evening and a few minutes in the morning to fit in my coding…

There has been one person who truly opens up time to talk to me… It has been a crazy 2 weeks but it feels like they are getting back to being their casual self again. It feels nice to know that they can just sit there and make jokes all day long. The way how we talk is like there is nothing in this world that matters but the moment. It is great to forget reality for a few hours… So thanks for that.

Creating a new me for 2013 is pretty difficult as what I’m told, it’s hard for me to change but I would like to and from the looks of it, it’s going well. As I am saying yes to most things when I usually say no, I found a beneficial factor upon each step (sounds like the Jim Carrey movie ‘Yes Man’). I definitely have missed a lot while I was living under a rock but I’m beginning to catch up to everything. It has been a great feeling and I plan to keep this going. I also booked my tickets to see the Final Fantasy Orchestra based in Barbican! That should be amazing! Since the Zelda performance was absolutely sensational, this should definitely be something worth being at.

My curiosity has increased as well as my motivation… Does that mean things are finally looking up?

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