All about the money…

There I was, just thinking so deeply about where I am, what I do and if I am truly supposed to be where I want to be. It is so strange to sit here and fight my inner troll to prove constantly in my head that money is very important. It is obviously vital but there is one thing I sacrifice… My dream. There are so many people in this world who once had a dream job, or a certain goal they want to reach however, they feel so locked into what they do because they feel the need to.

But that is not the case

Dreams are constantly crushed by money however, blaming it on money alone is just stupid because the person who really is suffering is the person who made the choice. If you really want your dream job, then you should risk it despite the money or job status. Most dreams are difficult to chase but in the end, you will either sit back and say “Well, as long I tried” OR you will sit there saying “If only I took that opportunity…

So what if the world ended tomorrow, could you honestly say you are happy with where you are and accept your fate or would you turn back to all the events where you “could have” done something about it…?

Now I am not saying to just up and leave your job. There are so many things that need to be considered but for those who are confused with what they do, you should have an aim… An end result that you can be proud of

But hey… If you guys can honestly say that you could not be any happier with where you are today, then that’s great! Maybe that is the dream you’ve always wanted.

For me? I’ve only recently started following the path I have always wanted to go on. It maybe a little late but better late than never! It has been many years that I have been distracted. I seem to have put others before myself. That is my problem… This is where I have decided that I need to focus on myself now.

So it all comes down to this. If you are not happy, change it! There’s absolutely nothing stopping you…

This world is about money. But it doesn’t mean it has to change you

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