A look into my world…

Generally wondering where I am going in this world is rather frustrating… Could be because I am waiting for something to happen or whether I missed my opportunity. This life experience that I’ve had for this past year has been completely eye opening for me and I do not regret how I spent my money or how I spent my time. It’s because I am a late bloomer towards living life and truth be told, people who question me about it may not understand it but I don’t need to explain it to them because at the end of the day, it’s my life. Judgement from others can take someone’s positive thoughts into something negative and once you start letting that happen, regrets are bound to question in your head.

I want to take a minute to talk about memories seeing that I’ve had several conversations about this matter. When we lose something back in the past, we tend to start thinking about every possible reason as to why or what we could have done to bring that memory back to the present. However, the truth is that we need to just realise it is nothing but a memory and it is better if we just leave it as it is and move from itSounds simple huh? But the problem stands that we are human and the package comes with caring about the past and reminiscing… All we really can do is just hope the suffering passes and try realise it is all for experience

Moving onto something less depressing, so the battle between Xbox One and PS4 is what everyone seems to be talking about and with everything considered, here is my opinion upon it.

So Xbox One seems to have created so much drama with preowned gamesthe cost of the console (£429) and not allowing people with no internet connection to get the console and was told that if you don’t have an internet connection, then Xbox 360 is more capable to accomplish your gaming needs.

That’s a little harsh Xbox! 

On the other hand , we have PS4 which seems as though it is the anti-Xboxno fuss about preowned gamesprice is reasonable (£350) and the internet connection does now have to be paid annually but its a small price to pay… I must admit, before all this dramaI was absolutely wanting Xbox but if they are going to make it difficult, then I would just have to settle with the PS4 which is a shame… But lets see if Xbox changes from now until November

So the other day, I swapped back from my LG Nexus 4 over to my iPhone 4S again (I’m so glad I didn’t sell it)… I tried using an Android for roughly 3-4 months but when I looked at the iPhone 5 and the upcoming iOS 7, it made me realise that I actually miss the iOS. The retina display and just the navigation is so simple and I think maybe it is the fact that I have used iOS for a long time that adapting to a new one just does not do it for me. But that is just me… Sometimes, I can be rather difficult but I believe that the interface design and navigation on the Nexus 4 is not as good as Samsung’s or Sony’s user interface.

Things have been rather slow for me in terms of productivity and it is because of just how tired I feel when I get home from work and my weekends slowly turn into nothing but lazing about the house making me just want to go out as that would probably have been more productive… And maybe I should have… In specific, development has gone to a complete stop! I think I just need to exercise every evening and try fit whatever time I have left to accomplish my goals… My evenings were once very easy to stay up but now I sleep at 10pm… I need to change that routine!!

I will be back on track soon enough… Need to get my thoughts straight first…

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