Too hard to choose between tablets or laptops

So it has come to my attention that laptops and tablets are now rising in the market and the thing is that although a laptop signifies the possibility of graphical edge, it does not suit the portability crowd however, finding the perfect portable device (tablet or ultra thin laptops) means that it will lack processing power and the usage of graphics will be shared with Random Access Memory (RAM).

So the question is: Should I buy a laptop or a tablet?

The bigger question is “What will you be using it for?”

Here is my opinion on this:
Laptops with high specifications hold a great deal of components meaning that when running games or applications that require a big mass of math calculations, it will run smoothly however, if you are the type of person who uses these types of applications a lot, I would recommend a desktop… The main benefit of a laptop which is why we all want one is so that we can take it around with us.
A tablet, which nowadays hybrids are being introduced, are mainly to carry around and optimised the battery long enough to use away from a power supply. Also, the touch screens make it easier to navigate rather than the little touch pad laptops provide…
Moderate users who do use a mixture between just browsing, typing up documents, watching films or requiring a little photo editing, an ultra thin laptop or even a tablet will suffice.

Shopping for these devices are quite head aching and there is no specific answer to it. Just comes down to personal preference.

A way to choose your device

Pricing is a whole new story. Given all the online stores, it is a radical difference. Tablets being almost the same price as a very high specification laptop however, tablets currently carry a low end specification but handles day to day activities excessively well. But as the diagram displays, its up to you where you want to be.

Laptops are a hard choice! Tablets can even be difficult… So it boils down to weight, price, size and keyboard.

Here are my top 3 choices of laptop hybrids:

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-2 Acer-Aspire-P3 Sony-Duo-13
Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Acer Aspire P3 Sony VAIO Duo 13

And then my top 3 choices of portable laptops:

Sony-Vaio-Pro-13 Samsung-Series-9-Notebook Asus-UX31
Sony VAIO Pro 13 Samsung Series 9 Notebook Asus UX31 Zenbook

But if you were to ask me which one I would choose, I choose a hybrid laptop. It completes both worlds for me which is what I’ve chosen to date today!

This post is for those who are confused. I hope this sheds some form of light towards your problem…

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