Converting WordPress to Angular

I am in the middle of creating a new website. THIS blog website actually!

Having a think about the look and feel of my current blog with the basic theme just does not feel like the website I actually wanted.

So I started creating my own theme in WordPress and every time I tried, it got boring when converting components in PHP and then pulling out the WordPress functions…

One thing about me is if I am doing a website for myself, I would prefer to just do everything in the front end and if I need to do a small amount of backend, I don’t mind it. I just like seeing things move!

I began researching upon whether there are ways to convert WordPress to Angular…

And the answer is YES!

I found one way which is very interesting! To achieve this, I used the following plugin:

WP REST API Controller plugin basically converts your posts into an API where you are able to display your content however you want! All it would need is a AJAX call and then you control how to display the content.

So with this, I started researching further with how to call certain posts and how to display the pages on the Angular page. Not long after, I found a few websites and developers using this same API.

I started with the following API:

This pulls out something like the following:

This is what made me realise that this is possible to do my whole blog in Angular! So now I am just fully invested in doing this new website!

So as of so far, I have spent a few weeks working with this API and will be posting updates as I go. Its going pretty slow but this makes me focus more of my front end development instead of playing around with server side code.

We will see how this goes……

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