The past 3 days were amazing!

Thursday 9th November 2012

Good night for social…

Work ended… And I have finally gone out to meet my friend, Kirsty.
Her birthday passed a while ago but I bought her a few gifts for it and usually, I am not one to buy gifts but I since she and I have gaming in common, I just knew what must be bought!! But I think I may have went overboard…

I made her wait since I finish later than her so I needed to rush out of work and be quick! Hate making people wait and yet I do it every time! Need to improve that some day… 

I got out the underground and I receive a text indicating she will be waiting at HMV in Trocadero… 

I jumped into HMV and as soon I walked in, I knew where she’d be standing without calling her. I marched straight to the gaming section and there she was, looking at the PS3 games!! Surprised? Not for me…

So we stood for a minute to decide where to eat and we decided China town… I was holding quite the big bag so when we got to the restaurant, I passed over the bag of goodies. She was over the moon when she saw her gifts!

It feels great to make someone smile the way she did! Awesome!

So after our meal, we sat and spoke for a while about games and stuff. Then we spoke about my change of lifestyle… And what she’s been up to and all. Great to just sit and talk… Although we did have quite a few disruptions from the waiter coming back and forth checking if we ate all our food… Nice guy… We tipped him in the end! And he tipped us back by giving us a chupa chups lollypop each!

We headed back to Charing Cross station and then we left it at that. She went home and I was standing in Charing Cross station realising that I need to catch a train to London Bridge because I was going to go meet Lyndsey…


I got to London Bridge but I was 30 minutes early! So I thought I’d grab a coffee, sit on a random platform and relax.

During this waiting period, it did allow me to review on how things are going with my life. I can see that it is going very well and although it is a little hard to make decisions, I decided something but I will not announce it here… It’s just too global…

So she arrives but I made her play a game… I told her to find me at London Bridge but all she had to do was search on Platform 5… She lost as she only briefly looked around… So I had to stand up and reveal myself! 
We had to meet Sean (her boyfriend) to drop off his gloves and scarf. So we met him briefly and we sat for a few minutes to talk for a bit and then he had to shoot off for the train… So there was just Lyndsey and I again… We just spoke for a while, walked towards her house and grabbed the bus.

Not a very long night but nonetheless was very nice to see Lyndsey again as it has been a while since I last saw her…

Friday 10th November 2012

Long night! 

This night initiated with a drink with my colleagues. So we got to stand around downing a good 3 double JD and cokes… Or was it 4? Well, one way or another, I was heavily tipsy!

We spoke about business, we spoke about what we will be doing for Christmas… The night didn’t last for long but I was more or less done since Karjun and Lyndsey were just messaging me indicating that they are going to be at London Bridge soon. We all left the pub to catch the train back to where ever we came from…

Arriving at London Bridge, I was given a surprised welcome with Sean jumping me from the back while I was about to call Karjun thinking I was about to get mugged followed by Lyndsey just laughing her arse off.

Mmmmmmm… Fat…
Karjun came by car so we was looking for him parked up in a corner… So first thing we did was drive Sean home all the way in Croydon. After a whole episode of karaoke singing in the car, a few dance moves and shouting, we arrived at Sean’s house. Dropped him off and look what we decide to go eat… Mcdz!

We ate in, had 20 chicken nuggets, 2 Big Macs, a fillet of fish burger, 3 portions of fries and drinks… Oh and a mcflurry. Having munched down a load of this junk food, we spoke a bit about what was happening tomorrow and bringing back a few memories about how we used to be… Felt good to be the trio again…

After being all fattened up, Karjun drove me home and I just dived straight into bed…

Saturday 11th November 2012

An awesome night!

My morning began with firing up my Apple Mac Mini and talking on Skype with John talking about what we should do regarding an idea we had. We supposed to have this discussion on Friday but my night was hectic and there was no way I could have spoken about it. We had a good talk and have direction and now I need to just write it into a google document so we can update it in real-time.

We ended the conversation with what I will be doing later and I was saying how I will be going to a casino with Karjun to just drink and talk for a bit. Then it reminded John of a Simpsons episode and immediately made me click as well! This is the awesome synchronised minds my brothers and I have… As soon we remember something in our childhood, we have that same face where we know what we are about to say!

Ending this call, I had my lunch as well as watching a few other YouTube videos and then got ready to head out!

I caught the bus to Karjun’s house to just have a chat and play with his wooden dummy he purchased for his wing chun! Very cool stuff!

We spoke of how he is doing and what is up in life and it was great to have this chat again. Felt like a life time that we actually sat down to talk like this again. It’s always been a group thing but not just him and I chat so it was good…

Then we went to Catford Bridge to Mcdz. Don’t worry, we only had a coffee and a hot chocolate…….. And a few nuggets! 
So we met up with Lyndsey and James (Lyndsey’s mate) and chilled out to talk. When Sean arrived, they had to drive over back to Lyndsey’s house to drop something off so Karjun and I waited back at the station. However, Lyndsey called to say that if the train comes, get on it to meet Kemi (another friend of Lyndsey’s that we’ve met before). So we caught the train to Charing Cross and went to Leicester Square!

Sitting in the cold and waiting for Kemi, Karjun and I spoke a lot more about what was going on tomorrow and other stuff regarding our lives but not long after, Kemi arrives and not long after that, the rest come over and completing the rest of the members of the group at Trocadero!

So we all marched to the Montagu Pyke to meet another 2 familiar faces; one being Vinh and the other Shane who I haven’t seen since the DDR / Pump it up phase!! Geez!

Since that pub was full, we ended up going to Pizza Hut. Vinh and Shane had already eaten so they left.

Pizza Hut was where we all had a good sit down and spoke properly knowing everyone a little better and had a good laugh. Having 3 large pizzas but fourth one untouched as we didn’t pay for it…

Later on, Karjun, Kemi and I separated to head to Empire casino whilst the others went to a masquerade club…

We drank a bit and watched a few people lose at blackjack and the roulette but we ended up jumping on a machine with a virtual interface imitating the roulette and won back quite a bit of money!! We split the money equally and then headed off home!


Amazing past 3 days. Experiencing something new and spending time with friends and colleagues is a delight. 

These nights are worth spending and I don’t regret any of it because I always have a good night!

Thanks to all of you guys!

No regrets…. Just look forward….

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