Marmalade (Mobile app development tool)

Hello all,

The other day, I stumbled upon this tool where you can develop mobile apps in C++ and port it across iPhone, Android, Nokia and a few others. Not only this, you can develop on Windows or MAC!

If you’re interested in this, it is called MARMALADE (

I tried this out and honestly, it is very well done! I spent about a few months just developing a few apps and here are my thoughts when using this tool:

Although I did not know much C++, all it required was a bit of knowledge in Programming generally. They provide a lot of preset code where you can input easily. The community on the website are very friendly and welcomes newbies.

One down side is that before, they allowed developers to release apps for free on the iPhone but now they require a payment. That was a big let down but they do allow users a 30 day trial period. Also, if you are developing on a Windows platform, you will require the MAC only to submit the app to the App Store.

Overall, I must say if you want to develop apps, this tool is a great one and pretty easy to use. Porting the app is just a few clicks of tick boxes!

Hope this post is useful for anyone…

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