Family… Social… Development…

Appreciate my friends… They’ve kept me on my feet since that day…


So I get home planning to do some development or play some games but what really was waiting for me was a discussion about business with Tim. We spoke about many things but the highlights of it was the conversation about what’s available in the world today and what we should be building for tomorrow!

We’ve decided something that may change the communication patterns over the web. 

Lets see where we get to on that one.


So there were 3 conversations that took place during the day.

Firstly, my brother (from Australia) John and I had a development talk regarding ideas we spoke about during my trip in Sydney and decided we will have a meeting over Skype on Friday and see what complications arise for this project.

My second conversation was with an old friend Kimzii, who happens to want a website template. We discussed what elements will be needed and the themes she likes. I’ll probably just mash up something that looks rubbish but so long the functionality works, it should be fine.
We also spoke about my progress towards what happened a few months back. She was the first person who gave me advice very early when the wound was wide open and now we speak of it again. As a good friend, she sat and listened to my words and responded what I should try and do (which I’ve done already) so now all I need is patience because now that I’ve told her what I need to, it’s up to her what to decide what she wants until she feels ready to talk again…
Then we went on to discuss Kimzii’s situations and oh dear me, my dilemma is nothing compared to hers; feels like I’m living in luxury!

My final conversation was with Lyndsey. We were talking about my last blog post and was feeling a little down but towards the end, she made me realise that although things look tough right now, she will be the friend to turn to no matter what the situation… 

So from all the advice collected, thank you… 


Have you had one of those days where you feel exhilaration when an epiphany kicks in?

This morning, I sat down at 7.30 with my croissant and coffee reading some articles written in Wikipedia about real-time data consistency, the need to acquire data from the database in the most efficient way.

I’ve been thinking too boxed in lately but when I revisited this issue, I had a solution and it definitely beat my last idea since each node kept connecting to the database resulting the server to crash every time.

All it is was to make a CRON job in the server and schedule to update the database every few minutes and the rest is all up to front-end development…

Lets put that into code shall we? 

To be continued…


Projects are flowing, my algorithmic mind is instigating… I’m finally getting somewhere. My motivation is running smoothly!

Friends and family is all I need for now and they are my priority! And I really do appreciate what I have in my life!

Diversion is not what I need… I need to move on

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