Nothing but pure development!

Now that was PRODUCTIVE!


It was just one of those nights where my fingers just felt like typing…

So I initialised upon Kimzii’s project by laying out the HTML and CSS of the website. I have forgotten how great it feels when I start off from a blank canvas. Lately, my work have been either editing/adapting to someone else’s HTML and CSS!
Now I have control and know where everything is rather than being clueless and spending hours looking for the right files…

Kimzii called me over Skype for a chat. It wasn’t much of a chat since I was so into typing out and concerned about keeping the code clean and tidy… We didn’t talk long but we did discuss more business.

By the end of this night, I made a quick layout; a logo box, navigation bar and the header banner. The reason why I am proud of it is because the code is so clean and I’d like to maintain this standard… I made it so optimised so that I can make an admin panel as well…

Tonight, I am looking forward to writing out more.


Unfortunately, I did not have time to either play games or be social with my friends since it was a night of development.

It would have been half games, half development but Trish’s Internet was down so there was going to be Battlefield… I think I need this evening to be 30% development and 70% gaming in the virtual world of shooting other gamers!!

And now I hear I am all of a sudden going out to drink tonight!

Well, lets see how I feel later…

Will I be able to maintain this standard?

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