What’s with all the haters?

What’s with all the haters?
So here is what I gathered. Haters are basically individuals who like to put their point of view towards a certain someone who they disagree in whatever they are doing. In other words, these people like to be the ones who like to put other spirits down when it is not necessary to.


I suppose it is quite nice for someone to be honest and give out their opinions but too much of it can make one feel like they should give up.

I guess this is a two way street:
– The person who is being hated should stay positive and not let it bother them
– The person who is hating should let their opinions out but at least with a valid reason

When an argument starts in regards to this matter, it occasionally gets ugly and starts making the other person think twice about what they are doing. If it is an argument, that just means that the two people have different views and have a 30% chance of getting them to agree with each other. Why spend that time trying to get your point across when the conversation can move onto something more positive?

We, humans, cannot control ourselves when it comes to firing our mouths off when it’s not necessary however, in some cases it is a good thing to hear, taking it too far is another story.
Now this post was not just a random one… The reason for this post is due to the fact that whether the person is a musician, an actor, a director or whatever, there comes a point in their lives where they end up in the news or articles with one of their pitfalls in life and for this very same reason that fans stop following them and begin hating on them. They believe that they are supporting the stuff read on the news when buying their product in the shop!

A little silly don’t you think?


Here is an example. When we buy an album, we are simply supporting their passion, not what they have done in their lives! Haters would ask “Why did you buy their album? Don’t you know what he/she did!?” Gossip is not what gets me to decide to buy an album… It is the music and beat that I look for.
I suppose what really triggered me to write this post was the YouTube comments I disagree with and also, artists who really deserve a lot more credit but ends up with no attention because of their history.

I suppose I can’t change how other people feel as they are who they are but I just want to send out my view to the world.

Stay positive…


Programming in today’s world…

Here’s a brief history about my experience in programming. I walked down a path of many different programming languages where I got to adapt to platforms that were unfamiliar to me… I went from Visual Basic, to Java, then to PHP with MySQL, and then finishing with C++. Programming languages are amazing in my opinion and rather interesting. However, nowadays, it seems like things are getting a lot simpler for people to develop programs. Sometimes, you don’t even need to write a single line of code! Seeing as that is the situation, with the right documentation and tutorials, creating games or applications has become so simple to a point that anyone can do it. All it requires is patience and motivation.


Creating applications can be quite fun since everything is laid out for you but there are other times when it is better when you have that flexibility to create particular objects yourself. These third party solutions have led me to decrease my skills in development and I am forced to develop programs from scratch to keep myself up-to-date.

The last thing I created with a third party tool is a game written in C++ called Marmalade. They gave the opportunity that you can port your games or applications from C++ to any mobile device on the market. For my case, I was able to create 2 simple games and release it on the Apple App Store. This did give me the advantage to ease myself into C++ and use object oriented programming which was rather fun to code in.

Now that I am a web developer, I am forced to develop random stuff in my spare time so I do not forget the basic principles in programming; although I am aware that it is at the back of my head somewhere.

Not long after this development, I discovered Unity which was based more of a drag and drop development and minor effort of programming however, they do give you the option to code in C# which is rather nice. The good thing is that if programming is at its minimum, it just means more creative games will be released with minimal effort which is good and bad. Good that it creative ideas are shown quickly for others to see but bad because programmers such as me cannot appreciate the programming of the game, like the good old days…


Speaking of programming, it seems like the books are slowly disappearing from our ways of teaching. Books were a great source and now it is taken over by the internet. Don’t get me wrong… The Google search bar is an excellent tool and I probably use it at least once every day and it is free so why spend money if you can get information for free? It is the same question as why do we prefer internet news instead of magazines? It is because we don’t like to be using our screens all the time and our eyes need to divert to something else. Also, stumbling across something that you don’t know is highly likely just by flicking pages in a book… I believe books still have a big role at this present day so book stores… PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE DOWN!

To summarise, this is not me complaining about the way how things are, I am only just specifying how I used to program and learn and it has changed quite a big deal! Quick development is great but slower and optimising the code to every angle is a great accomplishment and truth be told, I haven’t had that kind of feeling in a long time. Maybe some point when I actually complete a project is where I will feel that sensation once again but I suppose time will tell…

For those who want to develop games or an application, there are loads of tools out there… Just search for them……. With Google….

Quick update…

It has been a long while since I have written a blog post however, now that I have installed Evernote (http://www.evernote.com) on all my devices, I can finally share across all platforms so with this, I will probably write more posts…
So I want to start with my development progress since I have been hard at work recently. I have been working on securing a virtual server which I recently purchased from Linode.com. This is the first time I have ever used this and I spent quite a bit of time doing this. My aim is to use this virtual server to keep all my future developments here so I can monitor precisely what is going on. Although it does require a bit of technical knowledge to get around to places, but it was rather fun just getting to understand it. The server seems to be stabilised and now moving forward to creating my web servers onto it. I have 3 in total so I need to secure those. This server has the capability to do much more and I plan to use it to its full capacity!
So lets move onto movies… After a lot of waiting around, I finally sat down to watch the entire Fast & Furious collection (only the 5 movies… The 6th one is on hold until the DVD is released)… I think it was a good set of films but the fact that it was rather a messy transition between 1-3 but went back on the story at 4-5. But 2 was more of comedy and 3 was just a whole new story with new characters which rather put me off the whole collection altogether. In my opinion, I think the 5th was probably my favourite one.
Moving back a bit more, so I went out to purchase a tablet, Acer W700, and I need to put my opinion on this bit of kit. So this device holds an Intel i5 3rd gen processor, 4GB RAM and Intel HD 4000. The 11-inch screen grabs an impressive HD resolution with pixel perfect display. Nowadays, this tablet is my complete replacement of my Mac Mini and it accomplishes more or less my day to day activities on a computer. One downside I would probably mention is the heating and the noise that comes out when a bit of activity is being processed on the tablet… Besides this, I believe it can sit side by side with a low end laptop but just with the touch screen controls…
Finally, gaming… Resident Evil 6… The game I bought on the first day it came out and completed 2 campaigns but need to finish the last one. The game is pretty good with the storyline and all but one problem is the camera angles. It is very frustrating when the camera just moves around a lot and also, it is too close to the body that the bottom is not visible. If these issues were fixed, this may actually reach a 8/10 but unfortunately, I would give it a 7/10
I hope to work more on my blog so I hope you enjoyed this one.


I need to straighten out my thoughts and having at first, I had the thought that being in the present was what was important but then recently, it hit me… I need to start thinking real and stop kidding myself. I had a closer look into my finance, my career, my family, my friends… Basically everything that makes me… ME…

The conclusion I pulled out from this train of thought was that financially, I am stable and given this job, I could save much more but this year has been a complete mess! But like I said previously, I don’t see it as a waste but seeing that things have calmed down, I can finally prioritise as to what is important; that means investing money if it benefits me to excel in what I want to do in life…

Career wise, maybe it is not what I want to do entirely, but what I can do is enjoy it as well as try to get the most out of it before moving onto something that could very well be a challenge. I thought to myself once that if something is not going right, at least I should sort out my career choice…

For family, it turns out I should spend more time with them seeing that I’ve kept them in the dark about myself for a while and the fact is that I should start opening up instead of keeping it to myself…

Finally, friends… They’ve got me quite far and without them even realising it, I’ve gotten over quite a few points in life where I thought was over. They made me laugh and enjoy what I’ve never experienced before.

From the looks of everything in one go, it looks like everything currently balances out so far. My focus is currently finance and keeping my social experiences. Career can wait a while but I will keep a look out for stuff that will interest me… However, if I was to ask myself if I was happy about it, I’d answer it negatively… I can say that I am starting to develop a new me… An organised and productive me…

So lets wrap this up, I cannot see what is up ahead but I can say that I have put a little thought into my life and I can say that I feel a little better just feeling like I have an aim of some sort…

Lets see how this goes…

A look into my world…

Generally wondering where I am going in this world is rather frustrating… Could be because I am waiting for something to happen or whether I missed my opportunity. This life experience that I’ve had for this past year has been completely eye opening for me and I do not regret how I spent my money or how I spent my time. It’s because I am a late bloomer towards living life and truth be told, people who question me about it may not understand it but I don’t need to explain it to them because at the end of the day, it’s my life. Judgement from others can take someone’s positive thoughts into something negative and once you start letting that happen, regrets are bound to question in your head.

I want to take a minute to talk about memories seeing that I’ve had several conversations about this matter. When we lose something back in the past, we tend to start thinking about every possible reason as to why or what we could have done to bring that memory back to the present. However, the truth is that we need to just realise it is nothing but a memory and it is better if we just leave it as it is and move from itSounds simple huh? But the problem stands that we are human and the package comes with caring about the past and reminiscing… All we really can do is just hope the suffering passes and try realise it is all for experience

Moving onto something less depressing, so the battle between Xbox One and PS4 is what everyone seems to be talking about and with everything considered, here is my opinion upon it.

So Xbox One seems to have created so much drama with preowned gamesthe cost of the console (£429) and not allowing people with no internet connection to get the console and was told that if you don’t have an internet connection, then Xbox 360 is more capable to accomplish your gaming needs.

That’s a little harsh Xbox! 

On the other hand , we have PS4 which seems as though it is the anti-Xboxno fuss about preowned gamesprice is reasonable (£350) and the internet connection does now have to be paid annually but its a small price to pay… I must admit, before all this dramaI was absolutely wanting Xbox but if they are going to make it difficult, then I would just have to settle with the PS4 which is a shame… But lets see if Xbox changes from now until November

So the other day, I swapped back from my LG Nexus 4 over to my iPhone 4S again (I’m so glad I didn’t sell it)… I tried using an Android for roughly 3-4 months but when I looked at the iPhone 5 and the upcoming iOS 7, it made me realise that I actually miss the iOS. The retina display and just the navigation is so simple and I think maybe it is the fact that I have used iOS for a long time that adapting to a new one just does not do it for me. But that is just me… Sometimes, I can be rather difficult but I believe that the interface design and navigation on the Nexus 4 is not as good as Samsung’s or Sony’s user interface.

Things have been rather slow for me in terms of productivity and it is because of just how tired I feel when I get home from work and my weekends slowly turn into nothing but lazing about the house making me just want to go out as that would probably have been more productive… And maybe I should have… In specific, development has gone to a complete stop! I think I just need to exercise every evening and try fit whatever time I have left to accomplish my goals… My evenings were once very easy to stay up but now I sleep at 10pm… I need to change that routine!!

I will be back on track soon enough… Need to get my thoughts straight first…


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Experience with Facebook Home

After a long wait for the Facebook Home to be released on the Nexus 4, there was finally another way to get this App Launcher and so with that and the few weeks that I have used it, I can finally review it.

It starts off with a download to the Facebook Messenger. I’ve never really installed the app but seeing that Facebook Home required it to get the “Full Experience”, then why not… Then I had to install the Facebook Home app itself; a quick and simple procedure. And finally, when returning to the home screen, it asks if you would like to keep Facebook Home as the main screen but don’t worry, you’re able to remove it if you change your mind.


Moving onto the experience. With the lovely interface, it does require a bit of patience as there is a lot of getting used to. With my familiar home screen gone, pressing home goes back to your Facebook news feed which kind of diverts your attention when you actually pressed home for another reason! However, I compromise with myself to avoid pressing the home button. The news feed is nice as I get to scroll through all my friends photos and feeds in a lovely format but sometimes, I’d like to get back to the beginning and the only way to go back is to scroll all the way back so I try to look at 10 feeds so I don’t go too far from the beginning.


The navigation to the apps is pretty simple. All you do is either move your profile picture located at the bottom centre of the screen and drag it to the apps section. From there, you have panels with the default apps and few most recently installed apps. The one all the way to the left shows all your apps… This is a nice way of navigating but one problem for me is that everything is too hidden. I know it is a Facebook App Launcher but I thought they would make things convenient however, for me, they failed to accomplish this fact.

One thing I enjoyed about this launcher is the way how text messages are displayed. Whenever a text message arrives to my phone, a circle appears randomly from the left or right of the screen and sits there until you press it. Notifications are very important to me and they really did the job well.

My thoughts… I think the installation was very easy so no headache there but the navigation needs a bit of work. Everything was so hidden (to make a phone call or get to a browser quickly. The notifications were great and would be even more fantastic if I can just customise the notifications to be able to receive Whatsapp messages the same way.

Overall, I think I’d give Facebook Home a 6/10.

Xbox One announced

So the Xbox One has been confirmed and from all the rumours spread before hand, it seems like the announcement did not reach the expectations of the viewers! In other words, it was over-hyped! Here is precisely what I think of the 1 hour presentation…

Image from mashable.com

The name “Xbox One” felt as though they were going backwards… There was a big number “360” at the end of Xbox and now they want to minus 359 from it? I don’t know but to me, it feels like a downgrade to me.

The console itself was quite a bit of a disappointment to me. The style of it didn’t look so great and to be honest, the old one looks better. The Kinect (which now comes with the console) does look a little chunky and again, I’d prefer the old design. What makes up for my negativity is probably the controller. It looks more or less the same as the old one but a few changes but I guess for me, the controller made Xbox the right choice for me. Although it is not the best thing for beat em up games, it does accomplish other genre of gaming correctly. Seeing that the console and Kinect will be sitting in front of me, the controller is the vital importance of gaming here so all in all, its not so bad…

Image from Technobuffalo.com

The presentation then moved onto living room activities. From what I gathered, they seem to want navigation through TV, movies, music and games easier just with a few simple voice commands. Also, they introduced Skype into the mix. It seems as though I was looking at the Windows 8 interface since the Skype call was taken on the side and had the ability to also watch Star Trek. But with Skype integration, that is what made it interesting. One thing I really loved about PC gaming was that I could video call on Skype with one monitor and play  games on the other.

Then there was a brief overview with EA Sports, Quantum Break and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Of course I expected no game line up since they did specify before hand that the games will be announced at the E3 Expo. Quite honestly, EA Sports always deliver the same and expected games so to me, that is no surprise. Quantum Break was completely baffling! Although the story line of this game remains a mystery, it looks rather interesting. Finally, Call of Duty: Ghosts looks more or less the same as their previous games but the graphics are a touch better.

Image from Joystiq.com

So the presentation leaves me with the following opinion. It wasn’t a full disappointment but the big point is that the Kinect will be sold with the Xbox One at launch which is a good thing. With the game line up coming up, there really isn’t much to say just yet but with Skype and TV integration, it makes the console worth having. The controller is also kept consistent which I don’t see a problem with.

So far, a 7/10 only because I want to see what games are coming out on launch and especially the price is one of the key factors I was waiting for… One other thing they did not announce is the specific day of release… Would be nice to know when to expect this bad boy…


Creating mistakes can be so easy… Some are plain obvious and some are hidden. Question is how do we know a mistake is coming? Let’s analyse…
Mistakes are made when a certain action is done but then it is followed with a judgement by either yourself or someone else right? So in that case, why do we allow ourselves to consider it a mistake? 

We are our own worst enemy!

Some people say that they don’t live in regrets but truth be told, I think we all have one or more regrets if you analyse it carefully. But don’t let it destroy the person you spent building. Lying to yourself just means you’re living a life in denial
Personally, I cannot sit and say I am a perfect person. I just feel as though there are people who are just so afraid in making that “mistake” which could be the very same opportunity that could make you a stronger person. If someone is telling you that you can’t do something, don’t let them take you down! It’s your life and even if you make that wrong turn, at least you tried.
I am still trying to learn this methodology. As days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, I keep ending up in a spiral however, as I write this, I feel optimistic that I may just turn it all around in an instant… Nowadays, I use these mistakes to analyse why others judge them as mistakes.
I don’t know about you but I’d like to redefine that very definition to a positive meaning rather than that negative vibeEasier said than done but if we are given second chances, then let’s change it!

I suppose what I am trying to get at with this post is that life is tough when people judge you and you are taken down from their comments when really, it doesn’t matter at all. Sometimes, they can be right but if you take all judgements to mind, it can take a big chunk of spirit from you!

Everyday is a day worth experiencing to its fullest…

Remember… Mistakes are allowed to be made because that is what defines you… 

A look into my perspective…

It has been a while since I have wrote a personal log in regards to what I have been up to so I thought I would write it out. Mind you, there really is not much to put down but let’s go for it.
So Dead Island: Riptide finally came out and I got to play with my brothers. Seeing that we were playing in different timezones, one end were feeling tired and the other was wide awake… I was on the end of feeling exhausted but as we only played it once so far, it is enough to give out my opinion.
Dead Island takes place literally after the first game and to be honest, they did a good job in keeping it almost the same but it did feel a weeny bit slower. However, it was the first time playing on the Xbox version since I played on the PC in the last game so maybe that could be the difference? The characters were the same which made it feel like they made no effort and as my brother said, there really was no point in creating a whole new game for this as the models were the same and possibly the better graphics (a touch better…). But I think I’ve judged it too soon so until my next gaming session, that is where I may can give a full review upon it but so far, 6/10.
I started playing the guitar and it has given me a exhilarating feeling knowing that I have finally picked it up after letting it pick up so much dust! I am currently just looking over YouTube for tutorials and keeping it simple. It is hard for me to switch chords but I am getting used to it though.

As you’ve noticed, these are all home activities and to be honest, I have been at home most of the times to catch up on everything. Keeping a strong focus on projects is my main priority! But I will be changing my blog really soon. Keep a good look out for it.

Even if you put a little effort towards your projects, its better than no effort at all…

My days are beginning to become productive… I can see that when reading my post out loud, I feel a slight relief knowing that at least something is being done. It is not going as fast as I expect to do it but at least I am doing it.

This has been a very delayed blog post and I am hoping I will sit down to write more again. Things have been so difficult lately. Project development takes a big chunk of my time but will probably get back to it.

It’s important to stay focused…